After taking part in the design and development of many new products, I took the next step and founded DesignFirst. The company creates products from scratch, starting at marketing requirements and fnishing up with a product in mass production or system deployed in the field. Complete R&D cycle plus own products - MDv3 and EnactTrust.

The name of the company represents  a workflow I was able to uphold in various projects and achieve sucessful results where others failed. This gave me the confidence to pursue own products and bring linkeminded people together. 

"Thinking forward, acting today"
Dimitar Tomov

HighlightsResearch and DevelopmentIndustrial Metal DetectionComputer securityDatesOver 15 years of R&D projects
DesignFirst established in 2018
MDv3 prototype in 2019
EnactTrust open beta in 2020

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